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Waderobics and How to Fish with Your Husband in the Same Stream

My husband and I attended the “Church of the Living Waters,” aka fishing in our favorite stream, this weekend. We attended not only the morning service, but stayed through the afternoon too. All in all, he caught two rock bass and I caught one too-smallmouth bass and a rock. Yep, I caught a rock and hauled it in and everything. It put up quite a fight, too. I guess you could say I practiced waderobics.

Baird fly fish waderobics

(Jason Baird photo)

More Waderobics

We parted at one point and he went to one side of the stream and I went around an island to the other. I saw him, casting and tugging downstream while I tried to figure out how to navigate the deep water and lack of bank that stretched ahead of me. I decided to practice “wade-aerobics” or “waderobics” and managed to move gingerly from root ball to root ball and tree trunk to tree trunk as I worked my way – OK, like a chimp in green waders carrying a spinning rod – about an eighth of a mile downstream alongside the bank laden with tree roots.

We had a blast-and-cast weekend. On Saturday, we drilled with Glocks at the range. I’ve been working on weak eye/weak hand drills. It’s not such a pretty sight on the target as far as grouping, but it’s hitting center of mass.

I talked to the associate editor of The WON after frying up the two fish and a mess of curly yam fries. She wants to come to the Church of the Living Waters sometime soon, and told me she’d shot a .38, a .357 and a 9 mm this weekend. So, she had a blast of a weekend, too.

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