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Babbs in the Woods: Men in pink

barb-baird-out-standing-in-field2I’m about pinked out this month and it’s only half over. Pink this and pink that … some pink, of course, in the form of raising money for a great cause that we all know about, and I can put up with pink for that reason. Some pink just rides the pink gravy train. Surveys and comments and now, of all things, “Men in pink!”

“Are you tough enough to wear pink?” is a campaign supported by Wrangler jeans – you know, the kind the rodeo cowboys wear – and it popped into my email box sporting a dude model wearing a pink shirt. That hearkens back to when men first started wearing pink shirts in the ‘80s, with Izod alligators on the fronts. Some of those guys went to beauty parlors, like my sister’s ex-husband, to get his hair permed. Pink goes well with perms.

pink dudeaYou gotta watch pink. It can cause problems. It must be handled carefully, like only as furniture on an AK-47. Leave basic black on there; it means business.


Babbs with her AK-47 with the pink furniture, from I.O. Inc.

Or, here’s another perfect example of misusing pink, over-pinkeyfying something – the Missouri state capitol building a few years ago, when Gov. Holden decided to replace all the bulbs in the roof from white to pink for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and folks laughed and called it “Holden’s pink nipple.” Kind of makes you wonder about the metaphor there, and maybe we should just replace all the lights to shine pink in our nation’s capitol building, considering the political climate and the age of entitlement?

You have to be secure in your masculinity to wear pink. Take Ralphie Hess, proprietor of the local neighborhood gun store called Smokey Acres – the best little gun shop in the Ozarks – or so I’ve billed it in articles. Ralphie says, “Hey, when I’m carrying a pistol in a holster, I can wear whatever color I want to wear!”

Here's Ralphie Hess, my favorite gun store owner and yes, I let him pose with Miss Lil Pinky.

Here's Ralphie Hess, my favorite gun store owner and yes, I let him pose with Miss Lil Pinky.

Just a few weeks ago, the NFL wore pink shoes. And some cowboys are wearing pink in support of the “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” organization.

I’m just glad we don’t feature a color a month, because it’s wearing me out and face it, there are a lot more colors than months.

~Barbara Baird

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