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Babbs in the Woods: It’s in there

In theory it’s like a Mary Poppins turkey vest. Go ahead, Mossy Oak, you may use that name for a new vest if you want. Remember the Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpetbag?

Some of my turkey-hunting friends are still marveling about what I keep in my Mossy Oak turkey vest, with the drop-down stadium-style seat, that reclines and supports nap time.

I keep threatening to wear it to the mall when I shop with my daughter, but it would cause a distraction. It would hold all her purchases – especially with the huge back pocket intended for a turkey – and I could pop that seat down near a dressing room and settle in with a bottle of water available and a granola bar, and get ready to render my consultation services. Or a pound of candy from Mr. Bulky would fit in one of the pockets, and also a pretzel from Annie’s, too.

My vest, which is several years old, has 17 pockets. Some pockets are made for obvious storage – box call, slate calls, shotshells. The rest hold everything else. After all, a turkey hunter has to organize things like baby wipes, Chapstick, sunscreen, bug spray, a Thermacell machine, notebook, mouth calls, granola bars in different flavors – always with some chocolate, tissues, strikers, cell phone, pantyhose (to put around the turkey), tags, water bottle, knife, knee rest, Tylenol, book, gum, mask, eye drops, fresh socks, beef jerky, airline peanut packages.

What have I missed? What’s in your vest that I don’t have in mine?

And why should I have it in there?

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