Babbs in the Woods: A hoof print on her temple?

As some of you know, I’m trying to whip this middle-age mommy body into better shape and so, I’ve taken to running again. Yesterday, I ran down a road near my home in a wooded subdivision and Holy Cow, I mean Holy Doe, a deer ran – no, shot across the road in front of me, just a few feet,  from one set of woods to another.

I was wondering … what if I’d been in better shape and been a little farther down the road? Would we have had a collision? So, I asked my mechanical engineer son how to figure out the story problem with this little scenario. Actually, according to my rocket scientist husband, it’s a physics problem, but that involves mass, too.

Q: Mom is running about 4.5 miles per hour. Yes, Mom needs to run more. She is on a 38-degree downward slope when a 185-pound doe running 27 miles per hour strikes her.

A (with a question): Oh, how much does Mom weigh? None of your business.

Q: What force will hit Mom?

A (with a question again): What? You can’t figure out what the answer is unless you know Mom’s weight?

Forget that part. Answer this question.

Q: What do you think happened to Mom after she got hit by a doe in heat? (I added the doe in heat part because I believe in artistic license.) Describe, using the standard five-paragraph essay format, your theory and do not forget to include a thesis statement, three supporting paragraphs and a good conclusion. Bonus, bonus … write three things you really like about Mom and will read at her memorial service.

Photo courtesy of Stacey Huston,

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