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Babbs in the Woods: Stood up by Jody’s buck

Hey, Hunter’s Wife … I’m calling you out here because I have two does in my shed that have been waiting for your buck to visit for almost a year now, and he is a no-show. In other words, they have been stood up by your buck.

We all thought, based on your post last February about my two does in the, as you so aptly coined it, “Love Shack,” that a visit was imminent. Now, we see that your buck is out in your backyard again, and probably free-range dating. Meanwhile, two does – who ain’t getting any younger and frankly, are a lot more holey, wait impatiently in the Shack for his visit.

Jody is mighty proud of her buck. She seems to be quite protective of him.

Yeah, so what? They used to be bucks and in the process of Babbs learning to use her new bow, they lost their antlers. Yeah, so what? They’ve been poked in the nose and other places because Babbs’ drawlength was too  short for two years. Frankly, that shouldn’t matter because we can see that your buck has been poked in a few other places than the dinner-plate area, too.

I guess we thought your buck wanted to get to know the lovely “ladies,” maybe produce some little foamy babies or something. And, hey … Indiana ain’t that far away. So the girls were thinking … you owe them a trip meet your buck and they are hankering to get on down the road. So, what do you say? A blind date in the near future?

Or, is your buck all talk and no action?

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Here is one of the does, just waiting for Jody's buck to visit.

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