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Babbs in the Woods: ‘Oh, Holy Deer’

Yard ornaments intrigue me, especially when people put strange concoctions of ornaments together. Like one time, I saw the Virgin Mary with her arms stretched out, holding two small American flags. Bless her. So, I was out on a walk the other day and I happened to look over at a collection of outside Christmas yard ornaments. And immediately, the art student from grade school in me tried to find perspective, a reason that a huge, lit wired deer would fit in with the delicate manger scene nearby.

And so, I give you my holiday rendition of “Oh Holy Deer,” set to the tune of “Oh Holy Night,” and think Andy Williams when you sing this one.

Oh, holy deer

Your lights are brightly blinding.

It is the night

And you graze on the lawn.

Next to the set

With a lit Mary and Joseph.

You tower over baby Jesus

Where e’er he lay.

A thrill of hope

Your size o’er takes the manger.

It’s almost like

You are a dinosaur.

Fall … on my knees

If I want to get … a proper perspective.

Oh hear-ear-a-ear my knees a’crunching.

Oh night divine

It’s quite a sight.

Oh what a night. (And this makes me want to go all Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, but I will refrain.)

And I’m telling you now, if that deer finishes with all that grass, he’s going for the hay in the manger … which leads me to another song, “Oh hay in a manger, watch out for that deer.”

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