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Babbs in the Woods: That ‘P’ on Sara’s Jacket …

So, one night after a grueling day of being pee-peed on in the jungle by a Howler monkey, I turned on the television in the villa in Belize, and there she was … in her Prois Hunting Apparel Sherpa jacket in Realtree MAX1. Sara Palin. In her new show called Sara Palin’s Alaska. So, I called my pal, the CEO of Prois, Kirstie Pike.

Me: “Kirst, what’s with Sara Palin wearing Prois on her TV show?”

Kirstie: “We sent her that jacket last summer. But, here’s the interesting thing … we sent her the Realtree AD HD version.”

Me: “So, where do you think she got the other one, the one she’s wearing, the Realtree MAX1?”

Kirstie: “No clue. Maybe she bought it, but it didn’t come from us.”

So, for those of you who read blogs to find out the inside scoop on stuff … there you have it.

Which beg the following questions …

  • Did Sara Palin buy her jacket at one of the many sporting goods stores, including Bass Pro Shops, that carry the Prois line?
  • Is there a shop in Alaska that carries Prois?
  • Or was it on one of her many trips to the mainland?
  • Did she buy it because she liked the form and function? You know, the thumbholes, multiple pockets, athletic cut and the tricot lining?
  • Or, I just want to know … did she buy it for the form and function AND for the big “P” on the front?

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  • Deb Ferns says: January 14, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    When I saw Sarah Palin’s first episode (and from non exotic Tucson) I saw the Prois jacket right away and emailed Kirstie (fellow WOMA member.) And of course then I wanted a P for Prois (or Palin) jacket too, which I got just in time from my Ducks Unlimted Hunt, It was great and I’m confident that Sarah wore it for the same reason I did…it fits great and it feels SO NICE on my body!