Babbs in the Woods: Talkin’ ‘Shot’ and Shop with Kim Rhode

The list of her accomplishments is longer than both her arms multiplied three times. Already well on her way to attending yet another Olympics — her fifth – Kim Rhode looked over at me and smiled as we stood near each other on a shooting range outside of Las Vegas in January. Naturally, I gravitated over to her, because every other time I’ve seen her, she’s been surrounded by media and adoring fans, and other shooters.

Kim Rhode. Photo courtesy of USA Shooting.

Media members had started packing up and heading back to the bright lights that burn on the Strip all day long. Many outdoor and gun media were on to their next gigs.

Kim was at the range at the behest of her sponsor, Winchester, and promoting a new line of steel shot called “Blind Side.” At this point, this ammo had only been in one true field test, in Stuttgart, Ark., Duck Capitol of the Galaxy.  Of course, Kim has shot the ammo, and she said, “This is the newest thing out and it’s awesome for knock-down power. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in steel. … You can actually get a pattern … one that doesn’t have a hole in it where the bird flies through.”

So after Kim explained the technicalities (see more below) of the shot to me, we started talking about hunting and the outdoor lifestyles we both love. A lot of people know that Kim has grown up hunting – unusual since she hails from Los Angeles – but it floored me to learn that she in a family where her grandfather and father raised hound dogs! Kim loves to upland bird hunt, anywhere. She said, “For me it’s about the friends and camaraderie, as well as the hunt.”

We then progressed to the topic of pink and guns, to which she said, “Pink doesn’t look very flattering on me. … Not all ladies like pink.” She wouldn’t dismiss pink totally, but believes it’s not necessary for selling guns to women. She, and I agree with her, believes the product must be tailored to fit the woman; that’s more important to a serious hunter or shooter than the color of it.

Photo courtesy of She Outdoor Apparel.

Speaking of being tailored to a woman, she then mentioned the shooting vest she helped design for SHE Outdoor Apparel (called the Rhode Gold), and why she wishes more companies would cater to the female market in the outdoors.

She flashed me another smile, seemed to have all the time in the world, but I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. After all, she needed to talk shot to a few others who now had gathered around her.

If you want to read more about the shot … My blog pal Holly Heyser, aka NorCal Cazadora, reviews this  new ammo over at a recent blog post and you might as well read the words from this rabid duck hunter, because very few gun and outdoor writers break it down like Holly breaks it down.



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