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Babbs in the Woods: On camo bikinis and cover-ups

I like camo when it makes lifestyle statements. It doesn’t always have to be practical. Camo underwear and swimsuits have their places in society. Enter Realtree and its swimsuit (catalog) issue, complete with a YouTube video of women who might waltz on over to Vicky’s Secret and don a pair of wings for the next runway show.

Realtree tankini top from spring 2011 line.

Don’t get me wrong. I used to wear bikinis – 20 years and 20 pounds ago. I would now settle for the “classy” version of the swimsuit, or maybe a tankini; after all, I have that “grandma” thing going on.

I just have to hand it to Realtree. The video is nicely done, but short on script. I would have liked to have seen not only a gorgeous model in a swimsuit, but one of her maybe landing a huge rainbow while wearing one of the suits, or diving off a pier into a lake on a hot day, or kayaking, aka “hiking on the water,” in one of the great combinations of tops, bottoms, strings, etc. Or how about a real Realtree woman, complete in a swimsuit, bowfishing for carp?

Here’s the script for the YouTube piece, as if anyone probably read it other than me:

Hot in this Spring.







Cover up for grannies and bikini wearers.

But, I have to admit … it’s tasteful and what a perfect way for the younger set (read non-grannies) to state that camo is cool with the hundred or so permutations of combining tops and strings and bottoms. And, don’t forget to check out the coverups and sundresses in the mix.

See the YouTube video here.

Visit Realtree’s online store here.

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