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Babbs in the Woods: ‘You’ll put your eye out!’ … or, why I wear fishing glasses

Where would we be without Google Alerts? When I read the header “Fishing line hooks woman’s eye,” I just had to read it. Seems the newbie fly fisher, casting in winds, didn’t wear fishing glasses. It wasn’t really the line that bothered her, but the little hook at the end of it. You can watch Mariah LaBlanc fly fishing in Canada, featured at the Travel Channel’s “When Vacations Attack,” and you can also see where the fly hooked her, right beside her left eyeball. 

This just sounds like something that would happen to me. My husband learned his lesson on why to wear a hat on his solar dome of a head a few years ago, when one of our kids hooked him at a fishing pond in Wales.

Our fly fishing instructor, Jim Rogers at Bennett Spring in Missouri, warned us about getting hooked in the eye and even gave us a lesson on how to remove a hook. Not from the eyeball, though. That is best left to the professionals in Emergency Rooms across the world. You have several feet of skin and only two eyes.

So, the mom in me has to say this: If you’re on the water this spring, make sure you cover your eyes. Not only will polarized glasses help you to spot the fish better, they’ll protect those irreplaceable eyes. I wear Ono’s Trading Company’s Breton model with amber lenses. Ono’s offers a reading glass option, a thin strip of magnification at the bottom of each lens, for older eyes or contact lens wearers who need a boost for tying flies … or for removing hooks!

Watch the fly fisher get hooked here.


Ono's Trading Company Breton Amber model.

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  • Gretchen Steele says: April 25, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    YEEEGADS – the things you and Jody get in google alerts…Great advice however-
    Fishing is one time I’m glad I’m forced to wear eyeglasess – I know my eyes are covered.
    In the bowfishing world no one can fish without polarized sunglasses and the better the glasses it seems the better the bowfisher.