Babbs in the Woods: Friday Foto

So, I was making a face at my granddaughter, Pippi Jean, and smiling up at her and she just bent down and kissed my face. Well, it was a baby kiss and her daddy caught it on camera and sent it to me this week. So see? You just never know. You can be out there at a trout park, admiring the rainbows in the stream and you look over at someone you love, and wowee — you get a big smacker! And it prints in your brain as one of your happiest moments ever.

Then, your super son sends you a photo of that moment, and well, it all comes back to you.

Photo by Adam Baird.

Moral of the story? Go outside if you can this weekend. Kiss someone you love. Lay a slobbery smacker down. Expect joy.

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