Hercamoshop.com ‘I am Woman’ apparel makes lifestyle statement loud and clear

HERCAMOSHOP.com is proud to present the all new “I am Woman” tees and hoodies. Be the first in camp to own apparel featuring our original design (bow or gun) the “I am Woman” slogan on the front and the HERCAMOSHOP.com logo on the back. Sizes: tees S-2XL, unisex hoodies S-XL Black with bright green images.

Show your support for the tradition of hunting! Only $15.99. Check out the “I am Woman!” collection.

venus hoodies 001.jpg

The collection. In black, of course!

Editor’s note: I purchased one of these recently and always get positive feedback whenever I wear it. Also, it is a supreme weight — not too thick and not too thin. And, it pairs wonderfully under Carhartt jackets, camo jackets … and then, you’ve got that little “I am woman” thing revealed. I have the one with the bow. But, in the future, I’ll be adding the rifle to my collection. Also, you can get decals with this logo. Just a wonderful lifestyle statement. Basic. Simple. True.


Perfect length, too! Photo by Barbara Baird.

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  • Gretchen Steele says: December 7, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    These are super hoodies… I put one in the gift basket for the RU Fall Hunt Test – last I saw of it the winner and her mother were heading home and were still fighting over who was going to get to have it 🙂