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More ‘chicks with guns’ — numbers up among women gun owners

We’ve been following news reports about women and guns and we find the theories behind why women want to purchase guns fascinating. One of the most interesting so far, is one from Russ Thurman, editor of Shooting Industry magazine, who stated in an interview with CNBC’s Peter Suciu,

“Women have been trained on the AR (M-16 assault rifle) platform in the military, and they’re seeing that owning a gun isn’t something that is really bad.”

Thurman surmises that female troops who return home from duty in the Mideast are adding to the burgeoning women’s market — which reaches into all types of firearms and all disciplines and traditions.

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The Conversation

  • Owen Glendower says: January 8, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    “More women are taking their safety into their own hands and purchasing the means to protect themselves.”

    Yes, because every day, more women–and men–are understanding one simple fact about self-defense: A firearm–and the skill to use it–gives you control over your environment.

  • Joanne S. says: January 5, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    Agree with Dan – returning service members are too small in number for this impact.

    I participated in sports throughout my life, but no one in my family hunted, so I was not exposed to guns until I married. I learned to shoot to help train the dogs, and learned to love the sport. My guess is lots of women are introduced in a similar way.

    Women are actively participating in the same sports as their significant others or male relatives, friends rather than sitting on the sidelines. It is acceptable, and even more enticing is that women can compete on equal footing, unlike golf and tennis physical advantage is not needed. The NRA does run programs to encourage women to participate understanding the power they have to influence / propagate the love of the sport to their children thus ensuring the future support for gun ownership.

  • Dan Kidder says: January 5, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    While this theory may account for why some women are getting more interested in shooting, the number of former female service members returning is too small account for the sharp rise. It is far more likely that changing public opinion on females shooting, led mainly by the NRA’s Women on Target and other shooting programs, as well as more shooters taking the time to educate female shooters, has resulted in these increased numbers. Additionally, while violent crime is down nationwide, sexual assaults are up. More women are taking their safety into their own hands and purchasing the means to protect themselves.