Short and sweet and home to eat … Donna Strickland wins our Valentine giveaway from Julie G.

S&W mug.jpg

So cool. A Smith & Wesson mug. Make a statement!

Congrats to Donna Strickland, who wins the Smith & Wesson giveaway that Julie Golob introduced in her Valentine’s Day blog. We asked our readers to tell us when they fell in love with shooting. Donna’s recollection of that time is short and powerful: “I grew up with guns – an early memory is standing on a chair at the kitchen table with my brother as perhaps a two-year old, watching my father lovingly clean & oil his guns. All the while telling us hunting stories!”

Lucky Donna for that memory and lucky Donna now … because she wins a tactical pen, a warm throw and a very chic coffee mug from Smith & Wesson.

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