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Not your mom’s L.L. Bean

Babbs in the Woods: L.L. Bean’s Signature Catalog Made Me Look Twice! 

It looked like a catalog from … J. Crew or Express. It did not look like L.L. Bean. I mean, L.L. Bean? I used to wear those clothes when I taught Sunday School to six-year olds. I liked their fantastic quality, classic lines and vibrant colors.

For years, I’ve worn L.L. Bean fleece and almost wore out a pair of boots. Well, actually, I lost 32 pounds and 3 shoe sizes and had to send them to the charity shop. I need to replace them though, because  I miss them. And I read that these boots were the rage last winter in the teen and college scene markets.

But, back to the theme. This is not your mom’s L.L. Bean. Sure it still has poplin and linen and cotton and outdoor-related items, but I know what it is … they changed models. Instead of sensible thirty-somethings, they now shoot catalogs with twenty-something models that look like they just came from a session for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Somehow I cannot see teaching Sunday School in this get-up.


And you know what? I hope they do this with their entire outdoor line of stuff, because we oldies know about L.L. Bean’s goodies. And the younger generation? They might look the part first, and then, maybe they’ll wonder if they should act the part. Maybe they’ll actually pick up a fishing rod or a shotgun or a bow, learn some new skills and get outside. Maybe they’ll hike a trail or watch for birds or crawl in a kayak somewhere – all because they have these sweet outdoor clothes that work for them. Visit L.L. Bean Signature. Free shipping on every order!


Indoors and outdoors.

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