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Photo Feature: Ruger Women Visit the Ozarks, Part Deux

We had so much fun last year when some women from Ruger Arms came to visit us here in the Ozarks, that we had to repeat again this year; thus, the “part deux.”. And this year, instead of blowing stuff up, we shot even more guns and tried out the new Ruger Precision Rifle at 200 yards. We also visited an antiques shop and the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops, in Springfield, Mo. We stopped in to visit with 5th graders at the WOLF school, too.



So, as it turns out … we found a few Ruger rifles among us — including the new Precision rifle, which Emily is holding in the forefront. (Jason Baird photo)


The ladies from Ruger spend their own dime and vakay time to head our way every year, and once again, Marti Davis joined us. This year, TeamWON’s Stacy Bright also appeared and worked with the shooters on the line. After all, both she and Marti are certified NRA instructors and Range Safety Officers. It’s always great to have extra eyes and ears at any range anytime. And that’s not all … Sarah, from Gray Loon Marketing, came over and so did TeamWON’s squirrel cook-off competitor, Jackie.

ComeOn Inn Antiques

Here is the Ruger bunch with Stacy Bright (far right).


A trip to southwest Missouri is never complete without a stop at a junque (aka, antiques) store, and the good folks at ComeOnIn Antiques in Seymour, Mo., did not disappoint. I love this photo because the women had no idea what lay inside in store for them. All done up in creepy, this store highlighted Halloween to the tee — with doll parts in jars and a complete line of medical equipment that looked, well, torturous.


She’s got legs!



Stacy Bright (front) shoots a Ruger SR22, while Emily Monroe is shooting the LC9 and Elaine is on an SR9. Ruger all the way, baby.


Local real estate agent Hannah Kelly stopped by to shoot with us, and liked the SR22 a lot for getting a refresher on her shooting fundamentals. Look at the concentration going on there! Stacy Bright coached her through her shots.


Amy loved shooting the big gun, the Precision rifle in 6.5 Creedmore.


Headwear is always a reflection of your personality, don’t you think? Elaine goes old school, vintage-camo gangstah style and Amy? She’s all about Girls with Guns Clothing’s blinged-out hat.


A trip to southwest Missouri is not complete without a stop at Bass Pro Shops’ headquqarters in Springfield, where they treated us to a delish lunch at Hemingways (Think wild boar and alligator entrees) and the ladies visited the Wolf School and NRA National Sporting Arms Museum.


First stop after lunch? Wolf School, where 48 fifth graders attend school based on conservation-guided curriculum. Elaine and Amy loved reading the students’ journals about their many field trips.

Read more about Wolf School in Marti Davis’s column, “Students learn about the outdoors at the Wonders of the Ozarks Learning Facility.”


Sue Dyal, who has been with the Wolf School since Day #1, and who designed it for the Springfield Public School System, stands outside her classroom with the women from Ruger. The children loved the ability to meet women who are working in the firearms industry.


Check out the artwork created by a child at the WOLF school. Lovely.


Time to head up to the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum, and meet the director, Stoney Roberts. This is the case that holds Annie Oakley’s guns!


Amy stands in front of this original Remington oil artwork, of which she has a print in her home! They museum displays several of these famous works of art, once featured in magazines and advertisements.

RUGER Guns and why they work well for women

We shot several of Ruger’s handguns, which are ideal for women. Follow the links to get the complete specs on each model. Please know that we don’t recommend any firearms here at The WON, unless we’ve tried them and like them.

LaserMax LC9 green

LC9, chambered in 9mm Luger. This model features a LaserMax green laser.

The LC9

One of the most popular carry guns in the U.S., the LC9’s small grip and light weight appeal to women — especially for on-the-body carry, since it will not print easily. Because it is so popular (because it is reliable), it’s easy to find great holsters from several companies for it. This is a running gun, a hiking gun, a fishing gun. It needs to accompany its new owner everywhere it legally can go and be at the ready. A larger person would want this one as a back up gun, in an ankle holster. The photo above features the gun with a LaserMax centerfire laser in green.

  • Tough reinforced nylon design offers superior integration with firearm frame
  • Bright green steady beam gets you on target fast
  • 10 minute automatic time-out prevents inadvertent battery drain
  • Ambidextrous activation switch reinforces safe firearm handling
  • Fully adjustable for windage and elevation
  • MSRP: $249

Learn more about the Ruger LC9.

MSRP: $449

The SR22


The SR22, chambered in 22 Long Rifle

The perfect little plinker, the SR 22 fits comfortably in small- to medium-size hands. I like the balance of the gun, and will be using it to instruct in NRA courses in the future, for first-time shooters who don’t need to be scared by the noise or recoil of a gun.

Learn more about the Ruger SR 22.

MSRP: $415 to $449

The SR9

I shot this gun hundreds of times while at a special Ruger-sponsored event in the desert, at the prestigious Gunsite Academy in Arizona. It never failed, never malfunctioned and has yet to do so — 2 years later. For women who want a target gun or carry gun in 9mm, check this one out today.

Ruger SR9



Girls with Guns Clothing’s Jen and Norissa at Gunsite with their custom GWG/Ruger shirts and SR9s.

Learn more about the Ruger SR9.

MSRP: $529



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