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Apparel Review: 5.11 Tactical Penelope Jacket

We live in an age where the industry is realizing that women who love the outdoors want not only function, but also fashion. When I look for clothes these days, they need to fit into my tactical/outdoor lifestyle. I conceal carry every day and need clothes that help me conceal year-round. 

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The Penelope Jacket by 5.11 does just that. Quite honestly, when you first look at the jacket, it looks a bit funky. Maybe you’re not sure how it’s going to fit in with your other attire or maybe you’re concerned that people will stare at the slightly odd shape in the back (the pleating). But actually, the “oddness” is exactly why it works.

The Penelope Jacket looks like an ordinary jean jacket with a bit of fashion flare in the back. But what is fashion without function? The jacket is made of cotton, nylon and canvas, which allows it to fall straight. There’s also pleating in the back and all of these features allow for easy concealed carrying practically anywhere on the body. 

Designed with 6 pockets, it allows you to carry everything you need right on your person. I’m able to carry my phone, wallet, Chapstick and keys without changing the way the jacket functions. Sometimes, when you weigh a jacket down with stuff in the pockets, it can change how it lies, but not this jacket. I also discovered 2 pockets on the inside that aren’t “official” pockets, but they can absolutely serve as such. 

Penelope jacket 5.11 tactical conceal carry

This jacket can be worn year-round. At the time of writing this, it’s practically summer here in central Texas and I had no trouble wearing it outside for an extended period of time. Though of course, a jacket is ideally worn in cooler conditions, but if need be, this can be worn in warmer weather. (And, there’s always that frosty air conditioning to contend with in hot climes.)

511 Penelope jacket Apparel Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight jacket that fits your concealed carry lifestyle, the Penelope Jacket by 5.11 is your ticket to concealability and function with a splash of fashion. 

Penelope Jacket

The Penelope Jacket comes in XS, S, M, L and XL. It comes in 2 colors – black and tundra. MSRP: $59.49. 

Find out more about the Penelope Jacket from 5.11 here.

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