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Ruger SR22 Gets Range Time

It’s a trend. That is, buying another firearm in the same model, but a different caliber. Why? For the obvious reason, that most models of firearms offer the same locations for controls, the same type of anatomy of the frame and an overall comfort level to users who prefer a particular make and model. Take for example, the Ruger SR22. 

Sponsored by Ruger

I own a Ruger SR9 and worked with it at a Gunsite Academy course, sponsored by Ruger, a few years ago, firing several hundred rounds of 9mm ammo through it. Since then, I’ve put several hundred more rounds through it, carried it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable target or carry gun. It felt natural to acquire this gun in a .22 caliber model. 

Babbs at Gunsite with Ruger SR9

Why a .22? That’s the real trend in 2020 – buy the gun in a model that you can consistently train with for fundamentals, and that won’t break the bank. Seriously. Have you seen the costs of .380 and 9mm ammo these days?

Ladies at Gunsite with Ruger

Ruger SR22

This firearm is not only great for women with small-to-medium hands, but also for teens who are looking to learn how to shoot handguns, and of course, for the senior market – considering arthritis and other age-related complications. 

Jennifer shooting RUGER SR22
(Jason Baird photo)

I have been shooting this gun during practice sessions for a few years now, and it’s the one I lend to friends when they come over to shoot, too. Why?

From Ruger’s own specs sheet, here are the basic reasons:

  • Light double-action and crisp single-action trigger pulls. External hammer is designed with a rounded spur for easy cocking and single-action shooting.
  • Polymer frame and two interchangeable rubberized grips with angled serrations allow shooters to select either a slim or wider palm swell option (no tools required).
  • The aerospace-grade aluminum slide has serrations on both the front and rear for better grip and slide manipulation.
  • The dovetailed, high-visibility, three-dot sight system has a fixed front sight and a rear sight that is both windage- and elevation-adjustable. A reversible blade allows shooters to select two white dots or a solid black blade.
  • The easy-to-use underside Picatinny rail features multiple cross slots for variable mounting of most popular accessories.
  • Inspection port allows for visual confirmation of a loaded or empty chamber.
  • Readily replaceable stainless steel barrel.
  • Ambidextrous manual thumb safety/decocking lever and magazine release.
  • Easy to field strip.
  • Also includes: two, 10-round magazines; two finger grip extension floorplates.

Never discount the “easy to field strip” quality. Unless you’ve had to get a metal detector out to find an errant spring somewhere on the concrete floor that sprang from the gun when the disassembled, you’ll probably not understand. Trust me.

26662 Drill target
26662 Drill target

One of my fav gun drills

When I go to the range, and especially for target practice purposes, I especially like to do this drill. It’s the 26662 Drillfrom “Throwing Lead.” I like it because it forces me to focus on my front site. You may add a timer and use a draw from a holster to make it even more difficult. Challenge yourself by turning the target or shooting it in an opposite direction. And, you can download the targets here. 

More about the Ruger SR22

Ruger offers this model in several configurations/looks. Some of the models are offered exclusively by other dealers throughout the country, which may mean it might take longer to get the order.

Ruger SR22 models
Ruger SR22 models

Prices generally run between $439 and $479. See Ruger’s specific page devoted to the SR22. 

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