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Walther Offers ‘Beginners Guide for New Handgun Owners’ on Website

Walther Arms recently launched an online video series aimed at new handgun owners, the “Beginners Guide for New Handgun Owners.” At its website, the company states, “The goal of this series of videos is to provide a resource for new gun owners who are searching for some basics and fundamentals.” 

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Hosted by Cody Osborn, marketing manager for Walther Arms, who also is competition shooter, the new series hit the ground running during the COVID pandemic, when guns sales rose and so did people’s fears about using these tremendous tools for self-defense and target shooting. “The new series of videos we have shot as a beginners guide for new firearms owners has been greatly received. We wanted to create something that was easily shared and watched for anyone that knew a beginner shooter. The response has been nothing but positive!” said Cody. 

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The beginners guides series includes the following videos:

  • “Basic Firearms Safety Rules” – This video is paramount for new shooters, and a great refresher for shooters who are coming back to the world of personal defense or sport shooting. It would be an excellent video to watch with children. 
Safety rules for new handgun owners
  • “Proper Grip” – Grip is one of the most important aspects of firing a handgun. Cody walks you through how to hold a firearm.
  • “Proper Stance” – Cody mentions that in the heat of a gunfight, you’re not going to focus on your stance (you might be in a crouch, on the ground or behind cover). For everyday shooting, he recommends a practical approach to a stance that is not time consuming or difficult to remember.
  • “Proper Sight Alignment” – Sometimes, this seems to be the most difficult skill to master and requires some finer skills. If you’re a firearms trainer, you’ll appreciate the visuals that come with this video.
  • “Proper Sight Alignment [Red Dot/Optic Version)” – Don’t watch this one if you don’t use a red dot. Again, you will appreciate the visuals and graphics incorporated into this video. 
  • “Trigger Pull” – Trigger pull (or press) is something that requires a fine motor skill and it makes a big difference. Cody talks about take up to the resistance or the “wall” of the trigger, and then breaking the wall, aka hearing the click. 
  • “Dry Fire Practice” – Not only does Cody explain the reason for employing dry-fire practice into your new training regimen, but also he offers a drill for dry-fire practice. Earlier this year, Walther-sponsored pro-shooter Gabby Franco mentioned the importance of dry-fire, especially when ranges were closed this past spring and because she was in the process of moving. She added dry-fire to her everyday routine, which included working out and studying for a college degree. This former Olympian pistol shooter understands the value of dry-fire.

Walther offers a variety of competition and personal defense pistols, and frankly, when I take my Walther PPQM2 to the range for shooting with the “Sunshine Shooting Club” in the Ozarks, I inevitably end up sharing it with another shooter who wants to “try it.” In fact, one of our members has now purchased 3 Walther firearms as a result of first shooting mine on the range.

Cody Osborn Beginners Guide for New Handgun Owners
Cody Osborn in Walther’s “Beginners Guide for New Handgun Owners”

Watch the series, “Beginners Guide for New Handgun Owners” here.

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