DIY Pounded Flowers Craft

Whenever I get together with my grands, I like to do crafts with them. We especially like crafts that revolve around nature. For this one, a DIY pounded flowers craft, we also got to add a bit of might. They really liked that part of the process. This, by the way, is an outdoor craft.

DIY Pounded Flowers Craft

materials pounded flowers craft

Gather the following materials:

  • Flowers, leaves, long stems of grass
  • Piece of wood or even an old, large cutting board
  • Wax paper
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Safety glasses
  • Watercolor paper or watercolor notecards
  • Sharpie or markers


flowers on watercolor paper

Gather your supplies to pound. That might mean going for a walk and picking a few wild flowers, or asking for permission first to pick from someone’s garden, or even – as we did – using Mom’s flowers that had run their course of loveliness in a vase. 

We used an old picnic table to pound on, and remember that you’ll need something that will absorb the shock of the hammer or mallet. Also, I’d highly recommend that you put safety glasses on the kids, just in case they get to swinging wildly. (And, a hammer with a claw thingey on the back is probably not the best idea. We tried that with the 9-year old and it still got a bit dicey with the swing.) So, we used an old homemade mallet instead. Also, have everyone stand clear of the pounder. Exuberance and enthusiasm during flower pounding may mean some ecstatic swings.

wax paper over flowers

Lay the watercolor paper on the board or picnic table. Then, arrange the flowers (with the blooms down) and leaves; gently lay a piece of wax paper over the top. 

pounding diy flowers with hammer

Commence to pounding. Try to stay away from the flower centers, as you’ll get seeds and liquid galore. Unless you want the seedy look.

DIY pounded flowers craft

Lift the wax paper, and voila! Frameable art. 

boy with pounded flowers craft

Ask the kids to sign with a marker, down in the corner, like a real artist would do.

Girl with pounded flower craft

Also, you could purchase watercolor blank notecards and go to town on making unique correspondence.

Thanks to Better Homes & Gardens for the pounded flower craft idea!

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