Women of Ruger 2021

Ruger boasts the largest team of women ambassadors in the gun world in this country, and we figured you’d like to either meet them or be reminded of who they are. Meet the women of Ruger 2021.

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Women of Ruger 2021

Kristy Titus with Ruger Precision Rifle
Kristy Titus with Ruger Precision Rifle

Kristy Titus

Kristy Titus has been on the team longer than any of the other women. Popular for her hunting prowess, along with her long-range shooting abilities, this superstar in the outdoor world continues to produce and star in the digital series “Pursue the Wild.” 

An advocate for the Second Amendment, Kristy supports several organizations that align themselves with gun freedom, such as the NRA (board member) and Turning Point USA

Visit Kristy’s website.

Randi Rogers Competition Henry Cup3
Randi Rogers Competition Henry Cup3

Randi Rogers

We’ve known Randi Rogers for several years, and never get tired of watching her walk away with wins – whether it’s IDPA, USPSA, Cowboy Action Shooting or any of the other styles of shooting. When she’s not representing Ruger and/or shooting in elite level shooting matches, Randi works as the director of brand management for Comp-Tac Holsters in Texas. If you’ve never tried this line of holsters, we highly recommend it. 

Visit Randi Rogers online.

Maggie Reese Voigt
Maggie Reese Voigt

Maggie Reese

Ruger signed pro-competition shooter Maggie Reese in 2019. Maggie competes in 3-gun and handgun competitions, such as USPSA, IPSC and all of the prestigious 3-gun matches. She also has appeared on television programs such as “Top Shot,” Shooting USA” and “Modern Shooter.” An avid reader, Maggie might be seen at a match between performances, reading a novel. 

Follow Maggie on Instagram or Facebook.

Beth Walker Ruger pro shooter
Beth Walker Ruger pro shooter

Beth Walker

Ruger’s newest signee to its competition team, teen Beth Walker, shines as a rising star in the shooting industry. Beth’s acumen at 3-gun matches has earned her several accolades. Beth also is a college student, but finds time outside of her studies and competition life to participate in 2A groups – such as Turning Point USA and the DC Project. The NRA recently featured Beth on the cover of its “America’s 1st Freedom” magazine, and she just announced that she will be a representative for Today is America, a conservative nonprofit organization. 

Beth also contribute to The WON, which makes us very happy.

Visit Beth’s website.

Jen Ohara Mule Deer Hunt
Norissa Harman and Jen O’Hara on a 2016 Mule Deer hunt in Colorado.

Girls with Guns Clothing’s Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman

The 2 powerhouses that launched Girls with Guns Clothing, Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman, are considered Ruger women because of a partnership between the 2 major brands. 

Jen is an NRA-certified handgun instructor, as well as a California CCW instructor, and often gives tips and tactics using Ruger firearms on the GWG’s social media platform and her own personal accounts. 

Norissa loves to hunt and we’ve seen her prowess in the pheasant fields of Kansas, downing pheasants in 35 mile-per-hour winds.  

You’ll see Ruger handguns featured as the guns of choice in the women’s concealed carry line of causal wear, too. 

For more information about the fine line of Ruger firearms, see the website.

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