SilencerCo and the Female Initiative

Last year, SilencerCo launched its “Female Initiative.” While most companies in the firearms industry understand the importance of reaching the burgeoning women’s market, not many have incorporated programs into their marketing missions. SilencerCo is undertaking ways of highlighting silencer ownership to women. Find out more, in this interview with Brooklee Grant, marketing manager and director of the initiative.

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What’s the story behind the female initiative at SilencerCo?

We recognize the importance of women gun owners and wanted to create a community that not only acknowledges, but also welcomes the female audience. We are excited to build a community for women shooters, hunters and Second Amendment lovers.

Brooklee Grant in front of SilencerCo logo Utah
Brooklee Grant onsite at SilencerCo in Utah.

What’s your role in that?

I manage the Female Initiatives program. I have a background in shooting and hunting. I’ll be the person running our social media, scheduling events and working these events in order to meet our goals and expand our female initiatives.

woman outside with silencerco on AR Female Initiative

What have you done so far, and what’s in the future?

Since taking this on, I have created a social platform via Instagram dedicated to the female audience. Utilizing social media allows us to directly connect with people and reach a large audience. 

I am working with our sales team to arrange dealer shoots dedicated to female customers. I have also reached out to several female organizations to find opportunities to work together and educate their members on shooting suppressed. Education and empowerment are key, so we are looking for avenues which allow us to do that.

woman with shotgun over shoulder Female Initiative

What has impressed you about the women you’ve found in the outdoor world?

The women in the outdoor industry have been so welcoming; their willingness to make sure we all succeed has been overwhelming but in the best way possible. My boss, Jessica Kallam, has been very encouraging and supportive since I started with SilencerCo. I’m thankful to have such a knowledgeable mentor as I move forward with my career in the industry.

Shalice Parker precision rifle silencerco
Shalice Parker, of SilencerCo.

Are there any female ambassadors from SC that we should know about and follow? If so, who?

We have a few outstanding female brand ambassadors:

Hannah Kycek, aka “Hatchet Jane.”

Kylie McCrea

Taylor Shelton 

silencerCo on pistol

Are there any facts about females as consumers in the gun world that we need to know about and that drive you?

It’s important to set an example for others in the industry that women are a huge part of our market, and they deserve to be recognized and feel included.

AR pistol and SilencerCo silencer

Why do you like to shoot?

An article I read on NRA Women’s website summed it up pretty well: “Firearms are truly the great equalizer. As women, our lack of upper-body strength relative to men’s stops mattering the second we step up to the firing line. All you really need, physically, to be a good shooter is decent hand-eye coordination. That’s something that should be more or less consistent across both sexes.”

Being able to effectively and accurately shoot a firearm is very empowering, it allows me to defend myself and protect my family if necessary. Carrying a gun gives me the confidence to live life everyday unafraid. 

Firearms and knowing how to shoot accurately also allow me the opportunity to hunt various species of wild game. I’ve travelled all around my home state of Texas – hunting everything from duck, dove and turkey to whitetail and feral hog. I enjoy spending time outdoors and hunting with my family. It’s awesome being able to ethically harvest animals. I help in managing wildlife populations while providing food for my family. It’s hard to beat fresh wild game from field to table.

woman with silencerco silencer

Anything else?

We really appreciate our partnership with “Women’s Outdoor News.” 

We’re excited to work with women in the industry and hope to recruit some new shooters as well. We are hopeful that our female initiatives will be educational, empowering and used as a resource for women across the country.

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