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We first saw it referenced when Tatiana Whitlock told us she always carries it with her. She meant the Walther DDAM (Defense Division Ankle Medical) kit. We took a look at the trauma kit on the Walther website, ordered one up for review and then, took the free online course associated with it. Here’s what we think about this exceptionally good idea for shooters and others who need trauma kits, just in case.

Walther PDP it's your duty to be ready -H

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Back Story on the Development of the DDAM Kit

Walther launched the Walther PDP line of pistols (personal defense pistol) and also, a mission to prepare people to train to protect themselves with a motto of “It’s your duty to be ready.” The Walther Defense Division collaborated with Jim Dexter, of the Tactically Sound Training Center, along with Ryker Nylon Gear and Tactical Medical Solutions, to create DDAM Kit (Defense Division ankle medical kit). It’s not intended to be an overall first aid kit. It’s for stabbing and shooting wounds, and basically, any wound that causes a hole and bleeding.

Walther DDAM trauma kit
Walther DDAM trauma kit

In a video at the website, Jim Dexter, “Medical skills are important so that we can deal with the result of a firearm’s based encounter … having the ability to deal with that is important and it’s part of your duty to be ready.”

About why Walther added the trauma kit to its online shop, Cody Osborn, Marketing Manager for Walther Arms, said, “We just wanted to make sure our customers had an easy route to be able to add this to their routine.”

What’s in the Walther DDAM Kit

Each kits comes with the following items:

  • 1 Walther Ryker nylon gear ankle carrier (Walther logo on the side that goes out)
  • 1 H&H mini compression bandage
  • 1 Beacon six-inch chest seal (If you want two seals in the kit, you can order a second one here.)
  • 1 pair of Nitrile gloves
  • 1 set of Piranha trauma sheers

Perhaps one of the most valuable items that you’ll receive with this kit is free training. Upon purchase, you’ll get a card with a scannable QR code that is your portal to Tactical Medical Solutions’ Tac Med University. Follow the prompts and you may view the training series for proper use of all items in this kit. 

DDAM kit on ankle
DDAM kit on ankle

The course took less than an hour to complete. I found it easy to go back and forth on the video if necessary, and learn how to use every component … except, unfortunately, a minor glitch occurred in the section on the compression bandage details. The gist of it appeared.

If you’ve never had any first aid referencing the use of tourniquets and compressions bandages, this is a good start. At least you have an idea of how to use the pieces of life-saving gear in the kit. I highly recommend finding a more advanced course to take after this one.  

DDAM kit outside

If you go the range, shoot alone or with a group of people, hike, do any outdoor activities and unfortunately, I hate to write this – if you’re a teacher in a classroom – you need to acquire a kit like this for your personal use. As we have learned, first responder ambulance crews will not enter a building where there’s an active shooting unless the shooting is over. Only SWAT team medical responders go in, but then, they are there first and foremost for the SWAT team. 

It’s imperative in scenarios such as mass shootings, that people are prepared to take action to stop bleeding. 

I am going to give this kit as a gift to my relative who is a high school teacher. Then, I’m going to order more trauma kits for Christmas presents and another one for myself. 

comparison DDAM kit and wallet

Overall when folded up, the kit measures seven inches wide and six inches tall. I wore it around and it was comfortable, and I would wear it to the range. It works with boot cut jeans. 

Find out more about the DDAM Kit here. Price is $179.99.

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