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DIY: Donut Hole Acorns

I ran across this idea many times on Pinterest, for donut hole acorns. My granddaughter loves to collect acorns and often brings them inside and places them in interesting spots for my husband and me to find. Just the other day, I found five acorns in the laundry room on the folding table. So, I knew she’d enjoy making edible acorns – out of donut holes.

stuff for donut hole acorns

Here’s what you’ll need to make donut hole acorns:

girl making donut hole acorns

Here’s how to make the donut hole acorns:

  • Break the pretzel sticks in two. We didn’t do this for the first batch we made, but when I made another batch for a church dinner, I did this and I think it makes the acorns look more “nutty.” 
dipping donut holes
  • Put a blob of Nutella into a microwave safe bowl and warm it up so it’s runny.
  • Assemble your line in this order: donut holes, runny Nutella, sprinkles in a bowl, pretzel sticks.
adding toothpicks to donut hole acorns
  • Start the process of assembling. Dip the donut hole in the Nutella, dip it into the sprinkles and then, pierce each donut hole with a pretzel and then onto a pretty plate to dry. 
plate with donut hole acorns

Voila! You have created an incredibly cute and delicious seasonal snack.

Quick! Whip Up Another Dessert!

Layered Dessert Final 3

If you want to notch it up a little for a fall dessert, check out this lovely recipe from Jackie Richardson’s kitchen, a layered pumpkin pie alternative dessert, featuring instant vanilla pudding, cream cheese, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, powered sugar and more, whipped up and sitting on top of flour/butter/nut crust. It might be a great pre-Thanksgiving, or even tailgate offering. 

DIY Falling Leaf Pumpkin closeup

Even Quicker! Whip Up Some Way Cool Deco Pumpkins!

Are you looking for a quick and cool deco look for your holiday table and entry way? Check out these DIY Falling Leaf Pumpkins that, again, our Jackie Richardson made last year. You can use some funky punkins that you find at the farmers’ market near you, and some fake (or hey, why not real ones that aren’t too dry) leaves with a bit of the ole’ Mod Podge glue. It’s a quick and easy way to make unique décor for this time of year.

donut hole acorns under glass
donut hole acorns under glass

And hey, if you want to show us what you’ve concocted for the fall season, we’re all eyes over at our social media affiliated accounts. Or, if you’d like to do a guest post for us, let’s talk!

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