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GTM Men’s Off-Body Carry Roundup

It’s officially time to shake off the last of Old Man Winter, teetering New Year’s resolutions and holding out on that vegetable garden that’s going to put last year to shame. Things are warming up and your sense of style and protection should be no exception. Whether shopping for yourself or for that man that just needs a little help in the style department, consider one of these off-body carry options that’s sure to turn heads while yours is on a swivel.

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Sling Backpack (GTM-108)

Folks, if you’ve been looking for a go-bag for everyday use that doesn’t make your back or automobile look like an armory, save yourself the explanation with passer-bys and passengers and grab this sling backpack. Now featured in both black and brown buffalo leather, this sleek, stylish and protective option is sure to complement your looks, get you confidently out the door and endure any conditions that you can expose it to. 

off body Sling Backpack GTM-108 hand gun

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off body Sling Backpack GTM-108 back gs


Overall Bag: 12” Tall, 8” Wide, 2.5” Deep

Gun Compartment: 10” Tall, 7.75” Wide

Material Options: Black Cowhide ($149.95 MSRP) or Distressed Buffalo Leather ($169.95 MSRP)

Favorite Feature: holster provided makes employment a breeze!

Briefcase (GTM-155)

I love returning to this favorite of mine. I’m reminded of a time when nearly everything was built to last and looked like class incarnate. Hear me out. This rigid case braces and supports your carry for ease of drawing and holstering. Want more? This briefcase offers flexible maneuverability through its rugged clasps and reinforced zippers. Can’t get enough? Divided case sections and pockets allow for optimal efficiency and organization. “Time for the real thing, Bill. All you gotta do is pull the trigger and buy a GTM-155.” -John McClane (probably).

GTM-155 leather briefcase draw

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off body GTM-155 briefcase photo


Overall Bag: 11.25” Tall, 16” Wide, 3.5” Deep

Gun Compartment: 9” Tall, 14” Wide, 1.25” Deep

Material Options: Brown Cowhide ($190.95 MSRP)

Favorite Feature: perfect blend of professional and casual

Leather Duffel (GTM/CZY-03)

Easily the most versatile bag in this roundup, the GTM/CZY-03 Leather Duffel is a bag that I will a) always have around and b) will surely hand down to family. It’s superior quality and looks have allowed me to use it as a gym bag, an overnight bag and in its most recent application, a diaper bag for my daughter. There’s always enough room, never too much space and maintaining positive control of my CCW in an inconspicuous side-compartment has never been easier. 

GTM:CZY-03 CCW Leather Duffel packed

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GTM:CZY-03 CCW Leather Duffel 5


Overall Bag: 10.5” Tall, 14” Wide, 9.75” Deep

Gun Compartment: 7” Tall, 12” Wide

Material Options: Distressed Buffalo Leather ($285.95 MSRP)

Favorite Feature: classic “overnighter” looks and design

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