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Ruger Security-380 at Gunsite

Ruger recently hosted a women’s training event at Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona, for 22 women – including employees from around the country, along with two board members, and me as the designated media person. It’s not the first time I’ve been included in a Ruger’s women’s training course, because I attended a similar event in 2014 where we trained with Ruger SR9s. During this course, Gunsite 150 Defensive Pistol, we shot the newly released Ruger Security-380s.

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As before, the three-day event ran smooth as silk, thanks to the efforts of Elaine Sandberg, Ruger’s Product Marketing Manager, and Sheri Scoggins, an administrative assistant at Ruger’s Prescott, Arizona, facility. 

Becky Halstead
Becky Halstead, Brigadier General, USA, Ret., scored a perfect 50 on the marksmanship test.

Attendees’ skills ranged from beginner to one outstanding marksman (Ruger board member, Becky Halstead, Brigadier General, USA, Ret.). However, Becky and her compatriot on the board, Sandy Froman (also an extremely good shot), along with some of the other more advanced shooters agreed that the refresher training benefitted everyone. Also, it’s heartening to watch the progress of new shooters – who went from not being able to draw and shoot to drawing and shooting quickly at multiple targets. 

Vinny on the range showing tac reload
Vince Morgan demonstrates a tactical reload.

Most importantly, I could see the Combat Triad taught in each Gunsite training course and emphasized throughout the entire course, take shape among all the shooters. For the Triad, instructors emphasize mindset, marksmanship and gun handling. As Gary, our lead instructor said on day two, “You are gunfighters, ladies.”

Gunsite Ruger women
On the range at Gunsite Academy

I must also give a huge shout out to all three instructors – Gary Smith, Ted Ajax and Vince  Morgan, They managed to combine professionalism while teaching the Triad fundamentals with wit, and at times, an extreme amount of patience. You can imagine what it’s like when 20+ women, many who were friends before this event, meet. Occasionally, the instructors had to focus on keeping the ladies on task. 

Steel target drills
Shooting steel targets

I am compelled to give yet another shout-out to the tool, the gun. Released in December 2022, the Ruger Security-380 is a cousin to the Security-9. You can see its specifications in the sheet below. 

Ruger Security-380 specs

One of its main attractive features is the Lite Rack system, just like on the 9, with “refined slide serrations, pronounced cocking ears and a lighter recoil spring.” None of the women on this course had any problems racking the slide on this gun. 

racking slide Security 380
Safety check in the safe area and an easy to manipulate slide
winchester 380

We shot Winchester 380 Auto, 95 grain, full metal jacket ammunition. I believe we shot at least 7,000 rounds among us. There were very few malfunctions, and I heard absolutely no complaints about the guns or the ammo. I had no malfunctions while working through hundreds of rounds. We got three magazines each, which usually wound up being two 10-rounders and one 15-rounder (extended). Each gun comes with a 10- and a 15-round mag.

loading winchester 380

On the range, we shot from three to 10 yards with various drills. We practiced tactical and speed reloads, we did head shots, we shot under pressure of a timer at multiple targets. We had fun.

hand on ruger security-380

Here are a few reasons I decided to purchase this gun:

  • It’s compact, and will conceal easily. (Note its overall length of 6.52 inches and slide width of 1.02 inches.)
  • I liked the trigger. It had a noticeable and reliable reset, with a clean break.
  • Its fiber optic front sight worked well for my older eyes.
  • You can carry up to 15-round in a mag, and it’s still concealable.
  • It would make a great back-up gun, or ankle carry gun.
  • It will be the perfect gun for new shooters because of its low recoil, ease of operation and good maneuverability.
  • It has a manual safety, along with Ruger’s Secure Action fire-control system (an internal hammer with bladed-safety trigger).

The other thing I like is the price: $369. Affordable and accurate – the two big A’s that always matter.

Ruger women
Ruger women Karen and Elise came all the way from Connecticut to attend the course. Looks like they shopped in the incredible Gunsite gift shop, too!

I came home and immediately ran through malfunction drills and the school warm-up drill with the hubs on our range. He and I took the 250 course a few years ago. He said, “I think you should keep going to Gunsite and come home and show me what you learned!” I agree.

Gunsite Ruger Women 23
Class photo

Find out more about Ruger’s line of concealed carry handguns.

holstered 380 security

Check out the Security-380.

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