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Crimson Trace Is in the House

Crimson Trace (CT) is in the house, and we can’t wait to show you all its products! For some people, this may be an introduction; for others, it’s like welcoming back old friends who’ve acquired a lot of stuff while they were away. Continue reading as we highlight the brand and share a fantastic rebate we know you’ll love. 

Sponsored by Crimson Trace

The Crimson Trace Line

What began in the garage of Lew Danielson, back in 1994 as he designed and developed laser sighting systems for firearms, has evolved into numerous products under four different categories. 

Crimson Trace Laserguard Hellcat

Laser Sights

Crimson Trace offers laser sighting technology that custom fits your guns in three different styles.

  • Laser Guards wrap around the trigger guard and turn on automatically when picking up the firearm.
  • Laser Grips wrap, replace or attach to the firearm’s pistol grip. These also turn on automatically. 
  • Laser Saddles fit onto the body of a shotgun. These are activated through easy to reach controls from a normal grip position.

Read how easy it is to install a CT Laserguard Hellcat here.

Crimson Trace Tactical Light on Smith & Wesson AR15

Tactical Lights

Crimson Trace’s Tactical Lights are available in three different styles to fit the firearm you want to add them to. 

  • Under barrel Tactical Lights mount on MLOK or Picatinny rails for a rifle or pistol. 
  • Model specific lights are molded to an exact fit of a firearm.
  • Universal lights mount under the barrel on M1913 Picatinny or Weaver-style accessory rails.

Babbs shared some tactical light outdoor drills in this past post at The WON.

Yackley Crimson_Trace_RAD_Launch_Competition_The_Site_April_2021-48

Electronic Sights

Crimson Trace’s Electronic Sights fall under three different categories, depending on your end use. 

  • RAD Series (Rapid Aiming Dots) sights are available in both red and green. The footprint is compatible with most existing manufacturer optic plates.  
  • The Heavy Recoil Optic (HRO)is a quick acquisition tactical reflex sight. It has an integrated Pic Rail mount and a “shake-to-wake” sensor. 
  • The Legacy Series contains seven tried-and-true electronic sights from the CT brand for pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Becky Yackley had her hands on a CT’s RAD when the electronic sights first launched. Read about her experience here.

Daniel Defense Crimson Trace

Rifle Scopes

Crimson Trace’s Scopes fall into one of two categories. 

Read more about Crimson Trace scopes here, in a previous article at The WON.

Crimson Trace buy and save more flyer

The Rebate

Now that you have an idea of the numerous lines of products Crimson Trace offers, you’ll want to know about the rebate that runs through July 31. Spend at minimum $100 on any Crimson Trace Product to receive your due rebate. Purchases of $100 in valid Crimson Trace Product will receive a $25 rebate, $250 will receive a $50 rebate, $500 will receive a $75 rebate and purchases of $750 will receive a $100 rebate.  

Find more information about the Crimson Trace rebate here.

Here is the link to submit your rebate: Rebate Form

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