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Which SilencerCo Silencer Suits Your Needs?

During the past two years, I have been privileged to shoot almost the entire line of SilencerCo silencers (exception being the new Hybrid 46M). I have been so impressed by the products, and how they fit into my lifestyle, that I am in the process of purchasing some of them. This is, in itself, a daunting process – deserving of a lengthy rant. However, for purposes of this post, I’m going to tell you why I’m purchasing these three silencers, in particular, and how they will fit into our active lifestyle.

Here are three SilencerCo silencers that I recommend:

The Sparrow 22

Most recreational and hunting shooters I know own .22 caliber firearms. This caliber is great for plinking and target practice, and also, it’s a beginner hunting caliber for squirrels and small game. The Sparrow 22 was the first silencer created by SilencerCo, and its founder, Jonathon Shults, told me in an interview: “I don’t know why we started with birds. I remember that we picked ‘Sparrow’ and then, we kind of stuck to birds. I think it was an accident.”

SR22 Sparrow Steel Plates

Whether by accident or not, the little Sparrow is a lightweight (6.5 ounces), and easy to attach. Our writer, Ashlee Lundvall, also got her hands on a Sparrow 22 and took it to the range with her daughter. I have several grandchildren, and as they become old enough to shoot, we educate them on gun safety rules, teach them range etiquette and start with .22 caliber rifles. Fortunately, we also had the Sparrow 22 in hand, to attach to the end of the gun for them. It took the big ear muff problem away. That is the main reason, in m opinion – for new shooters – to experience shooting with one less cumbersome piece of gear on their heads.

Ruger Sparrow Pistol

Ashlee also took her friend, a victim of phonophobia (fear of loud noises), to the range and brought out the Sparrow 22, with success. You can read about that little adventure here.

Sparrow 22 MSRP: $352

The Harvester EVO

Before Silencer released its Harvester EVO, it offered the Harvester 300. It then improved upon the weight (lighter) and length (shorter) – and the new model came in a bit cheaper, which in this day and age, is always a good thing. So, this gun is an excellent companion to hunters and for personal defense for larger calibers. 

Harvester Evo on Ruger American on range
Harvester Evo on Ruger American on range

First, you can read about why this is my silencer of choice attached to a Ruger American rifle in 300 BLK. It travels with me on foot or in the side-by-side (attached to a special under-the-roof rack rifle holder), in case we spot pesky armadillos. It’s easy enough to stop the mule (side-by-side), grab the gun, chamber a round and go. I’m already wearing my shooting glasses, which double as sunglasses when out on the ranch, and no hearing protection is required.

It’s nice when a silencer can double as a hunting gun add-on or on a gun you want to use for personal defense, such as an AR-15. In this case, my daughter-in-law showed an interest in working with an AR-15 while visiting us recently. I used the Harvester EVO on an AR-15, and she took off with the drills and hits accordingly. She didn’t have to wear ear muffs and also try to put her face down on the stock, while juggling the cumbersome plastic of the muffs. Even low-impact muffs let you know that they’re there, on your gun, and often, you must shift your head around to get “that fit.”

EVO Harvester on AR-15
EVO Harvester on AR-15

Harvester EVO MSRP: $680


This one is just “tacticool.” I admit, I like the Saker ASR for that reason, along with others … including this one: The Saker, constructed of cobalt 6 and stainless steel, is such an all-around tool, designed for bolt-action, semi- and full-auto rifles. Designed for 5.56 NATO rounds, the Saker is a great addition to a personal defense home rifle, or also, in my case, for armadillos. 

The coolest gun, though, to attach a Saker to, in my opinion, is a truck gun – an AR pistol. In this post, I walk you through the build of the truck gun we chose, and why. I wrote, “Also, I would highly advise attaching a SilencerCo suppressor to a truck gun. You won’t have time in a defensive situation to put on ear protection, and should you be shooting an AR pistol inside your vehicle … that’s going to hurt.”

SilencerCo Saker ASR
SilencerCo Saker ASR

Saker ASR MSRP: $900

About Hearing Protection

In fact, I keep several pairs of electronic muffs throughout my home, located so that if I should have an unsuppressed gun at my fingertips for personal defense, I also will keep my hearing intact – for the time I might have to actually use a gun and afterward, with prevention of subsequent hearing loss.

Which SilencerCo Silencer Suits Your Needs?

Check out the entire line of silencers, and get started shooting suppressed as soon as you can. It’ll change your life, your point of view and your options for shooting. 

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