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Shop GTM Original for the Men in Your Life

Sure, GTM Original (AKA Gun Tote’n Mamas) may be the first place you look for a concealed carry purse. But did you know there are also multiple items available for the men in your life? This Father’s Day is the perfect time to introduce your deserved 2A men to your favorite brand for off-body carry.

Gun Tote'n Mamma Concealed Carry Handbags and Purses, a champion of women's protections taking the lead in high quality self defense products.

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GTM Bags for Men

Sling Backpack GTM-108 back view Richardson men in your life

Sling Backpack

“Finally, gentlemen, we’ve got something headed in the right direction at the tips of our fingers. As the way of the prepper has moved to the forefront of what it means to be ready and to take ownership of the unexpected, so too has the gear that catalyzes our confidence. The nature of concealed carrying has evolved into a myriad of decision points. Having a gun has evolved into a symbiotic network of choice regarding weapon status, position, placement and now, style and comfort designed for ease of access, efficiency and intuitive features. The GTM-108 is a stylish and practical balance between EDC on the body and carting around a full-size pack. Rightfully mixing what works and what is current, this sling backpack blends the historical speed of the bandolier with a 21st-Century focus. After toting this bag around, here’s what I’ve concluded.” — Ian Richardson

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Sling Backpack GTM-108 hand gun

GTM-108 Sling Backpack available in black, MSRP: $150.95

GTM/CZY-108 Sling Backpack available in grey and brown distressed leather, MSRP: $174.95

Overall bag size: 12-inches tall x 8-inches wide x 2.5-inches deep

GTM-155 Men's Concealed carry briefcase men in your life

Men’s Concealed Carry Briefcase

“There’s a daring concept at play here that can’t be overstated … and I like it. Before I received the GTM-155, I was taken aback by the willingness of Gun Tote’n’ Mamas (GTM Original) to upscale as classic an icon as the gentleman’s briefcase. Styles have ebbed and flowed, but the basic design of the briefcase has predominantly remained the same. Its rigid structure has served as a guardian of the day’s essentials and the most practical renditions of this piece have always stayed true to form. Form, however is not without strokes of improvement, and GTM white-knuckle gripped opportunity’s knocking hand and placed in its grasp, the GTM-155.” — Ian Richardson

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leather ccw briefcase GTM men in your life

GTM-155 Men’s Concealed Carry Briefcase

Overall bag size: 16-inches wide x 11.25-inches tall x 3.5-inches deep

MSRP: $189.95

GTM:CZY-03 CCW Leather Duffel 5 men in your life

CCW Leather Duffel

“Covering the GTM/CZY-03 CCW Leather Duffel is an exciting opportunity because I’ve been longing to sink my teeth into it. At first glance, it’s obvious that this duffel is the fast-mover of the travel bag world, but the magic rests in its capitalization of classical utility. This bag isn’t boxed in to a particular niche like most gun toten’ carriers. One of the best things that I appreciate about its presence in a room is that this duffel exudes confidence. It won’t melt into grungy hotel room floors, nor will it shame your treasured surroundings with wrinkly canvas hues. At first sight, this duffel is calm, cool (and most obviously) collected. This is the unicorn of blind dates that you actually want to see through to the end of the night. Now, here’s a case for why you want to see this bag through to the very end of every night.” — Ian Richardson

You’ll want to read more about the GTM’s CCW Leather Duffel here

GTM:CZY-03 CCW Leather Duffel packed

GTM/CZY-03 CCW Leather Duffel

Overall bag size: 15.25-inches wide  x  10.5-inches tall  x  9.75-inches deep

MSRP: $285.95

GTM Rolling Range Bag

Distressed Buffalo Rolling Range Bag

When it comes to the versatility of range bags, GTM has taken it to the next level. The Distressed Buffalo Rolling Range Bag has ample room for all his range gear (and probably yours’ too). But even if he doesn’t need a new range bag, it’s also a fantastic piece of luggage for airline travel. Yes, it’s designed to fit most airline overhead bins.

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GTM Rolling Range Bag

GTM-CZY/816 Distressed Buffalo Rolling Range Bag

Total case size: 16-inches wide x 9-inches deep x 13.5-inches tall

MSRP: $284.95

Urban Shoulder Bag GTM

Concealed Carry Urban Shoulder Bag

Some may refer to it as a “man bag” others a “murse” regardless, this bag is a perfect choice for travel or when the man in your life needs to carry a few extra items to work. 

GTM Urban Should Bag

GTM-14 Concealed Carry Urban Shoulder Bag

Overall Bag Size: 7.75-inches wide x 10.25-inches tall x 3.75-inch deep

MSRP: $199.95

Ladies, head over to GTM Original’s website and shop for the men in your life. They deserve to have the best bags for off-body carry too. Gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Start dropping subtle hints or hey, just send her a link to this article. Happy shopping!

GTM — It’s not just for women!

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