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Lockdown Gift Ideas to Help Your Family and Friends Be Secure

In case you didn’t check your calendar this morning, Christmas is only two months away. If you watch the news, it’s especially important to get your gift shopping done early this year if you want presents under your tree on Christmas morning. If you’re searching for gift ideas for the firearms enthusiast in your life, or to help your family and friends with security for some of their valuable items, look no further than Lockdown

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Puck inside the storm shelter

For those friends and family that are not firearm owners – yes, some of us know those people – check out the Lockdown Puck for added security both in the home and while traveling. In her article, “Moving In with the Lockdown Puck,” Jackie Richardson shares how she used her Puck when moving from the East Coast to the Midwest. My post, “Non-firearm Owners and the Lockdown Puck,” offers suggestions for identifying those people in your life and explains some of the uses they may find for a Lockdown Puck. 

4 Lockdown Personas for Gift Ideas

If you want to make your gift giving easy, before you begin your search on the Lockdown website for your Second Amendment friends and family, consider what type of firearm owner they are. Lockdown has identified four types of personas: trainers, collectors, protectors and explorers. If you’re working on your wish list, take the Lockdown Persona Survey to guide you to the products that fit your lifestyle. Find more information on the Lockdown Persona Survey in this previous article: “Four Types of Lockdown Personas: Which One are You?” here.

Lockdown in plain sight shelf open great for Gift Ideas

Once you determine the type of firearm owner you gift recipient is, search the Lockdown site for the specific products it mentions. For instance, if you’re purchasing a gift for the “protector” in your life, you may want to look at Lockdown’s In-Plain-Sight shelf. This article, “Lockdown’s In-Plain-Sight Shelf: Decorating with a Purpose,” explains its benefits and how easy it is to install. 

rechargable dehumidifier

If you are shopping for a “collector,” you should check out Lockdown’s humidity control products. This article, “Control Humidity in your Vault with These Lockdown Products,” covers all the products available and explains the benefits of each one. 

Cordless LED Vault Light

The “trainers” in your life probably have a lot of firearms and accessories in their vaults. Why not help them get organized with Lockdown’s numerous products for vaults of any size? Find out more about  products you should consider in this article, “Lockdown Products to Organize Your Firearms Safe.

Vault and puck

Finally, gift giving to the “explorer,” the person who spends time traveling and outdoors could include Lockdown’s handgun vaults. They offer secure firearm (and other valuables) storage for many different occasions. Find out some of the uses in the post, “Handgun Vault by Lockdown: Why You Need One (or Two)

lockdown Gift Ideas
Gift ideas at Lockdown

Regardless of who you are shopping for, everyone in your life can use a gift that offers security and protection. Lockdown’s website is the perfect place to find those gifts and get your holiday shopping done early. And, don’t forget to make you wish list at the same time!

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