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Off-Body Concealed Carry Gift Ideas from GTM Original

Get your ducks-in-a-row this holiday season. Avoid last minute gift shopping. Save yourself from those awkward moments of opening a present and trying to act excited. Whether you are the gift giver or receiver, it’s time to get those Christmas lists started. The following concealed carry purses, totes and backpacks from GTM Original are my concealed carry gift ideas for those who carry off-body.

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Off-Body Concealed Carry Gift Ideas

CCW Clutch

GTM offers so many concealed carry clutches, it’s hard to choose my favorite. However, I recently began carrying the GTM-87 suede hand clutch in yellow and received numerous compliments. I love the color and feel of the suede. Plus, it’s large enough to fit my hand lotion, lip balm, readers, wallet and keys. 

Off-Body Concealed Carry Gift Ideas from GTM  CCW Clutch

The GTM-87 is available in black, gun metal, brown, purple and silver.

Overall bag size: 8.5-inches wide x 7-inches tall x 3.5-inches deep.

MSRP: $129.95

CCW Portfolio

Professional men and women, or those who like a professional look, will enjoy carrying their business needs in the numerous GTM concealed carry office totes, briefs and portfolios.  

Off-Body Concealed Carry Gift Ideas from GTM

The GTM-1018 shoulder portfolio available in black and brown has enough room for my laptop, paperwork and more. 

Overall bag size: 16.5-inches wide x 3.25-inches deep x 12-inches tall

MSRP: $155.95

Small Concealed Carry Handbag

Some concealed carry holders just need a small CCW purse for a quick trip to the grocery store, a lunch date with a friend, or shopping at the mall. For that, GTM offers numerous options

Off-Body Concealed Carry Gift Ideas from GTM

For those minimalists out there, GTM’s CZY/07 smart phone case with gun compartment offers just enough room to also include a driver’s license, credit cards and some cash.

Overall bag size: 5-inches wide x 6.5-inches tall x 2.25-inches deep

MSRP: $89.95

CCW Tote

When you need to pack enough for a weekend get-away, necessities for a baby or just carry a lot of stuff, GTM’s CCW totes have more than enough room and pockets to keep you organized. 

GTM 86 Cargo Tote Cerino

The GTM-86 Cargo Tote is available in both black and mustard. 

Overall bag size: 11-inches wide (top) 11-1/2-inch wide (bottom) x 13-inches tall x 4-inches deep

MSRP: $185.95

Diaper Bag GTM

GTM’s tan Oversized Leather RFID Travel Tote, GTM-107 is buttery soft with a rich patina that develops with use and age. 

Overall bag size: 15-inches tall x 14-inches wide, (not including side pockets) x 4.5-inches deep

MSRP: $199.95

CCW Backpack 

Men and women both love GTM’s Sling Backpack. Find out what Ashlee Lundvall, Morgan Rogue and Ian Richardson love about the GTM-108. One common comment revolves around the bag’s easy swinging ability to the front of a person, in order to retrieve either a lethal or non-lethal weapon.

Sling Backpack GTM-108 back gs

Overall bag size: 12-inches tall x 8-inches wide x 2.5-inches deep

MSRP: $149.95 — $169.95

Available in black and distressed buffalo leather

So, whether you’re creating your own Christmas wish list or shopping for others, keep GTM in mind. Quality matters in concealed carry purses and GTM’s been around for 10 years. 

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